The Westhorpe Way – An A to Z


A is for the arches in the Three Arches Bridge

B is for the barn owl that lets out a riff

C is for The Crown, closed, yet licence to sell on the door

D is for the drains (we won't mention no more)


E is for Ella, her seat still saved in the church

F is for what you'll find in Finbow's (if you search)

G is for the ghost that Ella saw in the Hall

H is for how you heard Heather's reversing call (beep... beep.... beep)


I is for 'In Lockdown I could hear birds from afar'

J is for Josef's wife, Jean (Westhorpe's own movie star)

K is for Kent her surname which once topped the bill

L is for lovely place, lovely walks, no street lights but still...


M is for Mary Tudor and her remains over the county

N is for the nocturnal bird scarer that only scares me

O is for the owls and otters you can see round the farm

P is for Professor Plumb - he couldn't resist Westhorpe's charm


Q is for our Queen of France, Mary (mentioned before)

R is for her tudor rose you'll see on your next village tour

S is for sewage (please don't mention the drains)

T is for tea and biscuits with Rural Coffee Caravan friends


U is for what a unique place to be

V is for the village hall and a vibrant community

W is the what else but the Westhorpe way

X is for how exceptional it is (that's what we all say)


Y is for the yaffling woodpecker you'll hear in our trees

Z is for our everyday zeal and nights full of Zzzzzz's



by Dean Parkin with help from Alison Weston and fellow Westhorpians